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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  March 16, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's friday, and that means it's time for the rtm top ten countdown right this minute. a video surfaces of a prison riot from the inside. >> they start throwing things at this glass. >> see the full-on frenzy as crazed inmates try to get to the guards. these can waddle your way
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into your heart or peck your eyes out, as this guy feared. >> he doesn't know what to do. he waves his hands around and then ducks down. a driver is pulled over and then fires three shots at the officers. >> see the cop who took a bullet and still returned fire. and she's a youtube sensation. >> i'm an inspiration. >> now meet the real-life girl who lives like a doll. >> they're all too huge to wear, huge and silly clothes. we kick things off today with our number ten video and some rowdy prisoners. >> some video was just released of a canadian prison riot. now, what you're seeing in the first part of this video is a guard. you can kind of see his reflection in the glass to your left. you can see the inmates on the
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other side of the glass. now, according to reports, in this riot, about 16 inmates kind of barricaded a cell block and started destructing property. you can kind of see inmates going up and down the stairs. then you see someone come up with something in their arms. watch what happens to this glass. >> wow! >> you can see that first starts to shatter the glass but it gets worse. >> wow! >> that was a toilet, and it came through the entire glass. >> the guards weren't trapped, were they? >> the guards were not trapped but they did have to bring in the emergency task force, like a s.w.a.t. team, and try to get the situation under control. not only were these inmates tho throwing items, they eventually started a fire. >> extremely toxic, really toxic. >> incredibly, no one was injured during these riots. >> i just wonder how it got this
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out of control. you know, how did it get to this? how do you get a toilet unhooked to be able to throw? >> there were 16 inmates involved in this. 153 inmates were in the jail at the time. only five have been brought to trial. this riot actually happened on january 9th of 2010. the reason that this video is just showing up now, it was introduced as evidence in the trial of three of the five men charged in connection with this incident. and number nine on the rtm countdown, beware of -- well, you'll see. >> guys, a number of people have been getting jumped in a parking lot in missouri, and we have video of some of the assailants. a couple of geese. apparently some geese made a
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nest in the parking lot and joyce morris said it was coming at my face full force and i ran and it continued to come after me. it was coming at my head and my face and i just had to fight it. we're getting this from ktvi fox 2 in missouri. they said that they spoke to a guy from the wild bird sanctuary who said geese are incredibly good parents. they're superprotective. they raise babies every year and they will bite off anything. anything that they feel threatened by, any predator. this one just charges at this guy. he doesn't know what to do. he waves his hands around and ducks down. what do you do when a goose is coming at you. >> what he was doing is he wr. >> these are big, when they spread their wings, they're big animals. >> they are big and are also protected by the federal government. so it looks like people at this building will have to live with
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this. the goose and the gander were unavailable for comment by our deadline. today at number eight, in a matter of seconds, we can show you just how dangerous it is to be a cop. >> the video i'm about to show you is very dramatic and quite shocking. this is an officer shooting in cape coral, florida. [ gunshots ] >> oh, my gosh. >> shots fired, shots fired. i'm hit. >> the suspect in this case was pulled over for having expired tags on the car. after the shooting, they say the suspect climbed from the passenger seat, went into the driver's seat, comannedeered the car and took off. he was found by police naked hiding in a trash can. the suspect, 21, was pulled over. fires three shots at the
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officer. the officer had surgery and he is now back on duty. he's okay. the suspect's attorney did not want the video to get out. he said i'm going to have a problem seating a jury but the judge says, yes, this video can be released because it's dramatic but it's not something that doesn't need to be shown to the public. we're at number seven on the rtm countdown. here's a video and a story that they're talking about in cincinnati. >> this is in fairfield, ohio. look at the door on the top left. this guy was just sentenced to 90 days in jail. that is christopher lee ruffin. he's slippery. no one can hold on to him. two bailiffs are trying to retain this guy. if you notice here, they pull out a taser, shoot him in the arm. >> he's still running. >> that taser is not slowing him down one bit. the next angle, he comes out to the court lobby. this bailiff tries to give him the arm and he ran through that barrier thing.
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out the door he goes and he is gone. he was in court for a probation violation and had just been sentenced to 90 days. they took him to the back and that's where he said, huh-uh, i'm not going paback to jail. he fought off those bailiffs, fought off that taser. you saw the wires on his arm. >> what a dumb move. he was sentenced to 90 days. he got three months. from this he's going to get several years. potentially going to get several years once they catch him, because you know they're going to catch this guy. >> they did catch him, but not before he attempted to carjack two cars. police were able to catch up with him. that's where they got him under control. >> he had already been sentenced to 90 days. that's a pretty slim sentence. >> this is going to put him behind bars for a while. >> this is weird, when he got tased, i have a feeling he got stronger and faster. >> i have a feeling he's getting more than 90 days this time around. have a seat on the squatty
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potty. >> ever feel like maybe you didn't quite get it all? >> is there a better way to go, you know? >> the only surfing in this is couch. >> yeah, well
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welcome back to the rtm top ten countdown, everybody. we're at our number six video. whatever you do, don't tell sports fans how to do their cheering. >> you think it's a soccer game in turkey. you've got a full audience there. the crowd is going wild. the team is on the pitch. and then something happens up in the stands. the fans are not happy that they can't brandish their flares. >> this turkish team has all these fans that want to show
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flares at games. well, they are banned at showing flares. so they get this big banner, orchestrate this big protest with holes in the banner and start holding up flares so nobody can see who's holding the protest flares up. >> it's a clever way to do what you want to do, but i just don't understand what holding a flare up at a game does to prove that you're a superfan. i don't understand that. >> this seems so incredibly dangerous. this banner looks flammable. if something happens, people in the middle of this are going to be trapped. >> loed pretty . h you. it's top five time and a video that's going to make you want a board and some surf. >> the actual feeling of riding a wave is something that you can't copy. >> this is every different type of surf style that you can think of, from paddle boarding to kayak surfing to regular
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surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, altogether in one festival down in australia. >> it's so many things, so many things. everybody has a little different thing. >> the only thing we all have in common is we love to actually ride the waves. >> you like to ride a wave, it doesn't matter what you ride, it's all about feeling the ride. >> the worst part is losing control. like when you lose control and you come out. >> did you see how huge that wave is? there was a helicopter that looked dwarfed by the size of the wave. >> people were literally screaming because they were so scared for the guy's life riding the wave. >> one guy didn't even have a board, he just had on swim fins and he was doing his own thing. >> that's the point of this whole festival and film is that it brings all these different styles of surfing together. the australian surf movie festival starts next month. so if you're into this kind of thing, check it out.
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>> the only surfing they missed is couch. >> couch surfing or channel surfing. >> yeah. i'm good at both. at number four, a video that's all about number two, seriously. number two. >> i'm going to get you all one of these. >> do you want to know the truth about your toilet? it's not helping you do what you go there to do. what you go there to do is number two. cavemen, aborigines, american indians, they all squatted. we weren't meant to sit on the toilet, we were meant to squat in the field. >> men weren't meant to sit on the toilet, we were meant to squat. >> i highly disagree. >> just think, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, people squatted. >> i say we get back to our roots. the squatty potty does just that. my allowing you to use your home
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toilet but in the squat position. >> you get to keep your toilet, you just get a new device that helps you out. >> did you ever feel like maybe you didn't quite get it all? the reason is simple. the anal canal is kinked in a sitting position. when you squat, it straightens out, making doing your business a lot easier. >> there is a diagram for why you should be in this position. >> doctors say sitting in the squatting position can help increase the size -- >> oh. >> improving bladder function. >> so instead of just getting one snickers bar, i could have two by using the squatty potty? >> who did this research? is there a doctor that's supporting this theory? >> doctor said that hemorrhoids result from continual aggravation and injury due to excessive straining in the sitting position. >> some research is saying that you can help prevent hemorrhoids and colon cancer. >> it's like using a shotgun and just going pow instead of using
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a revolver and going pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. >> do i need a squatty potty or can i just go like this? can i just hold my legs up? >> oh, my lord! >> can i do that? dj flula is back. >> there's got to be some sort of techno song involved, right? >> see the celebs bust a beat next. and is that a life-size doll? or a real-life doll girl? >> she's holding the doll in that one picture and she does look exactly like the doll. >> hear from the doll face.
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we're on our way to numb one on the at number three, flula's back. take a look. >> well, guys, our favorite german techno dj, dj flula, he's big-time now. he's forgotten about us, the little guys. now he's hanging out with celebrities. screen junky sent dj flula to the press junket for the movie "jeff who lives at home." he got to kick it with the stars and the directors of the film and of course there was a language barrier. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> i did see your film last
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night. i thought it was very dull. >> dope or dull? >> dope. >> oh, sorry, good. >> but like every good video, there's got to be a techno song involved, right? >> i am going to write a techno song for your movie. >> thank you. >> and i'm asking all of the dope people in the movies like you to make the song very dope. >> susan sarandon is all about it, so is ed helms, but he turns out something pretty cool. ♪ ♪ >> i think maybe now he'll get invited to like every press junket in hollywood. >> and, we are talking now about this movie only because of how
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cool dj flula made this video. >> you know it. >> there's a whole other video on flula's youtube channel. we'll put that whole video and the techno remix of "jeff who lives at home" up on our website. our runner-up on today's rtm countdown got everyone's attention around here. number two is let's say a doll. >> forget trying to mimic your favorite celebrity's look. >> an inspiration for this makeup is the doll itself. >> this is venus. she has a blog and on her youtube channel has videos of how to make yourself look like a doll. >> she's holding a cadoll and s does look exactly like the doll. >> she did contact lenses. >> she said it helps highlight your eye. you have to put it on before you put on the makeup. >> you want the difference
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between powder color and natural color to be seen, as it changes natural but dull-like skin. >> this is becoming quite the rage. after she finished the makeup, she blushed her cheeks and applied gloss to her lips. this is it right here. >> i hope that you too will enjoy trying this doll makeup. >> anybody can do this. you, steven, could do this if you wanted to? >> me? i think i'd look pretty weird like that. >> she looks like a character out of japanese animation. >> to tell us a little more, we have venus all the way from london on skype. why did you decide to start doing your makeup to look like a doll. >> some people were asking me how do you do your makeup and i decided to put a tutorial on youtube. >> how old are you? >> i just turned 15 a month ago. >> how long have you been doing
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this for? >> for two years. >> is this your real accent or is this a doll character? >> yes, of course it's my real life. i think because i speak five languages, all those accents mix together. >> what does your family think about dressing up like a doll and the doll makeup? >> i live with my mommy and she actually thinks it's awful cute to wear cute and silly clothes. >> do you think that you'll ever stop dressing yourself up to look like a doll? >> i don't think that i will stop. i think that i will grow in my style and just keep on doing what i love. what will it be? >> stick around, we'll reveal the number one
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here we are in russia. a lot of heavy traffic. but i want you to notice to the left of your screen, somebody is drifting in a beautiful mustang. >> i have to think that getting a nice mustang in russia probably isn't easy. i don't think they have ford dealers on every corner where you can walk off the lot in a mustang. >> if you're the guy that has this dash cam video, that guy was coming right for him and hit the blue car instead of his. >> swings one way, fishtails the other and boom.
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>> hopped over the curb right into that guy's door. >> the other drivers don't even stop, they just keep going. >> it looks like -- i don't know, it looks like the road could be a little wet but also i think the guy was going too fast. >> isn't that what you're supposed to do in a nice mustang? >> fishtail, then whoops, lose control, boom! travesty. >> that is a travesty because that blue one is a nice car. we finally made it to our number one video of the day. ever say "here goes nothing?" this video proves that that phrase isn't quite right. >> i think i know you guys well enough to say that if you were on top of this ski jump, i think you'd be pretty nervous. get who is about to tackle this thing? >> i'll be fine. >> a fourth grade girl named zia. >> i'll do it. >> fourth grader? >> yeah. >> let's listen to her sort of get herself pumped up.
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>> here goes something, i guess. >> i like that. here goes something. >> you can do this. i'm gonna -- i'm gonna jump. whoa, my ski is slipping off. >> is that her dad in the background? >> that's her dad, yeah. he's also a ski instructor. you can hear him saying -- >> you'll be great, you'll be fine. >> okay, straight. >> this is like throwing your daughter off a tall building. >> no, it's not! he's teaching her an awesome sport. what happens? >> i got it. >> you'll be fine. you'll be fine. >> okay. here i go.
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>> i can't believe it! >> yeah! >> you can see the shadow, she went like that. >> how cool is that? she totally lands it. >> the first time freaks you out. that's the only thing. it's so fun. >> what an amazing sense of accomplishment she's feeling. >> this seems like nothing now. >> we'll have to look for her at the next olympics. >> yeah, i like it. here goes something. >> yeah! >> that's going to do it for the rtm top ten countdown. we'll leave you with more footage from the australian surf movie festival. it's awesome. great way to start your weekend. enjoy it and we'll see you on monday, everybody.
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